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Realizing products

You need experienced project leaders for your product realization, so we can support you with our multi-year experienced employees, to bring your new products to market according to your planning.

Through the usage of different methods and tools your products (internal or external production) can be analysed and improved to realize the customers’ requirements. By integrating your employees, new competences can be built up in your company.

Durch gezielten Einsatz von geeigneten Methoden und Werkzeugen können Ihre Produkte (ob intern oder extern hergestellt) gezielt analysiert und verbessert werden, um auch in der Zukunft den Anforderungen Ihrer Kunden zu entsprechen. Durch Einbeziehung Ihrer Mitarbeiter kann das angewendete Know-How in Ihrem Unternehmen aufgebaut werden.


Realizing projects

Employee bottlenecks, which result temporarily out of new projects or other new challenges, can be overcome by our experts. Among others, international supplier development can be realized.


Taking over tasks independently

You do not have enough staff resources (capacity or competence) to realize your projects?

K-iscom has a team of experienced project leaders, which can take over project tasks independently. Tasks will be processed in a transparent way and the results will be implemented in your processes. Generating valid time plans, detailed reporting and good communication are elementary for a successful project. Of course, you can also rely on the social competences in our team, especially in critical project phases.

The success of our customers can be generated through the following service areas: