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Quality management

Quality management has to handle more and more tasks. Company processes have to be created in a way that they are adjusted to the company targets and are also accepted by the employees. Therefore, it is important to design the processes in a way that they are realizable and a help for the employees. Additionally, the further development of the processes with defined tools and motivated employees is elementary.

Besides the management of the company processes, product quality is still an essential part in quality management. It is not only about ensuring quality through measuring, but about preventive quality planning. Beyond that, quality management has to eliminate product issues with suitable methods to secure the quality of delivered products.

We can support your quality management as followed:

  • Creating and targeting your company processes
  • Execution of potential audits for chosen processes
  • Realization of process audits to identify further optimization fields
  • Preparation for certification audits
  • Implementation of a working system for continuous improvement of the company and its products
  • Design and implementation of preventive quality management
  • Support in solving product issues by using different methods and tools
  • Identification of product risks


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